2004 – 2005

JRLA Launched

The JRLA was established in July of 2004 and the inaugural season kicked off in 2005. Since then, the Jamaica Rugby League has built a reputation, both home and abroad of being a dynamic and progressive organization. Playing began with four teams, the Olympic Angels, Vauxhall Vultures, Jamaica Defence Forse and the Duhaney Park Sharks. In 2012, there are now 8 teams in our Club championship. In addition, there are 5 Universities in their own league, 12 high schools and 6 primary schools.

2007 – 2008

JRLA supply local rugby fields

The JRLA has managed to equip five community based rugby league fields and supplied each club with posts, balls, technical equipment and playing gear in 2008 and have continued to assist clubs, schools and universities in whatever way possible to grow the game. In 2007 the JRLA implemented a community relations programme with the Constabulary Knights that involved coaching and mentoring in students homes and schools.

12 Sep 2017

Season begins in May

The club season commences in May of each year, where each team play home and away or on a round robin basis, followed by the payoffs and then a Grand Finals. All games are played at community club and University grounds in Jamaica..

18 Sep 2017

Kingston and St Andrew Rugby League

The year 2007 saw the introduction of the Kingston and St. Andrew Rugby League to govern the league in Kingston and it was hoped that this model would be used to expand the sport to other parishes,. The first club Under 19 game was played in 2007 as well, between the Vauxhall Vultures and the Duhaney Park Sharks. The first high school games were played in 2008 and the first university games in 2009.

28 Sep 2017

JRLA follows RLEF Structures and Policies

The JRLA is directly aligned with, and have adopted in full, all of the Rugby League European Federation structures and policies. Over the years, significant help has also come from the Rugby Football League (RFL) of England. Most of our club and national coaches and Match Officials are RFL or RLEF trained and qualified with courses being conducted in Jamaica by personnel supplied by the RFL or RLEF.

30 Sep 2017


The JRLA also maintains close connections with expatriate Jamaicans and West Indians globally and pro clubs such as Leeds Rhinos and Sheffield Eagles, and have had delegations visit the UK to work in Jamaican communities and with Jamaicans playing in the pro leagues there.

28 Sep 2017

Home Gardening Workshop

To date the JRLA has hosted Ronnie the Rhino and the West Yorkshire Police RL (2006), The Royal Air Force RL (2008), BARLA Great Britain U23 (2012) and sent a rep sides and or delegations to the Jacksonville Axmen in Florida (2007), USA (2009, 2010), Canada (2010, 2011, 2012), UK tours and visits (2007, 2009, 2010, 2011)

30 Sep 2017

Salsa Competition

A Development Officer appointed by the RLEF in 2009. Being a totally indigenous and self financing organisation and having proved their sustainability and commitment to the game, with the completion of three years competitive play, our international exposure and hosting of incoming tours; the expansion planned and the reputation they have earned both at home and internationally, it is time for Jamaica to officially enter the international arena. To this end the Jamaica Rugby League Association officially applied for Affiliate Membership and International status with the RLIF, this was granted in 2008.

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